In Arizona, where the beauty of our landscape is matched by its susceptibility to natural disasters like wildfires and subsequent flooding, the importance of adequate insurance coverage cannot be overstressed. It’s with this context in mind that I wholeheartedly support Representative David Cook and his recently introduced HB2036 in the Arizona legislature, a bill that promises to reinforce the safety net for property owners across our state.

The Essence of HB2036

At its core, HB2036 seeks to amend Section 20-1503 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, ensuring that all fire insurance policies issued in the state align with the New York standard fire policy, edition of 1943. This alignment not only standardizes fire insurance coverage across Arizona but also extends the scope of coverage to include losses from landslides, mudslides, mudflows, or debris flows if such events are triggered by a fire. This is a significant step forward, as it acknowledges and addresses the chain of destruction that can follow a wildfire, providing a more comprehensive coverage umbrella for property owners.

Why This Matters

The necessity of this bill stems from our state’s unique geography and climate—factors that predispose us to not just fires, but the secondary disasters they can precipitate. By ensuring that fire insurance policies universally cover these concurent perils, HB2036 offers a safeguard against the often devastating financial aftermath of such events.

The Universalization of Coverage

This bill is about universalization of coverage, ensuring every Arizonan has access to the same robust level of protection. In the face of increasing policy challenges, this move toward universal, standardized coverage is not just prudent—it’s essential. It ensures that when disaster strikes, the focus can be on recovery and rebuilding, not on navigating the complexities of what is or isn’t covered by an insurance policy most consumers never read and assume have the same coverage.

Call to Action

We support HB2036 which champions the movement towards standardized insurance coverage in Arizona, closing crucial coverage gaps and ensuring comprehensive protection for all residents against wildfire-related disasters. This bill represents an essential advancement in our state’s approach to insurance, offering clarity and security in the face of natural disaster. By supporting HB2036, you’re advocating for a resilient Arizona where insurance safeguards are robust, transparent, and universally applied. Engage with your representatives and join the collective effort to fortify our community’s defense against unforeseen losses, ensuring a safer, well-prepared future for every Arizonan.

Supporting Arizona’s HB2036 Written By:
Justin R. Skipton, SPPA, AIC
COO of Skipton & Associates, Inc.
3rd VP of The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA)

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