Written by Chip Merlin on June 17, 2023

My mother, Alice Merlin, used to try to give me great life advice. One was:


Chip, who are your closest friends you are hanging out with? Do they represent your values and where you want to go in life? Don’t hang out with the bad kids.

Alice Merlin was right. She is still right today. I would suggest we all think about Alice’s suggestion.

If you hang out with hoodlums or people who are not transparently worthy, you are probably one as well. If you hang out with people trying to improve themselves and doing the right thing in life, you probably will escape a lot of problems in life. Your beliefs and values will change with whom you decide to hang out with and work with.

It does not mean you should not try to change the path of our brothers and sisters who are with affliction or need help. But you obviously should not join them.

The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters has more public adjusters with a history of handling larger claims and having the best reputations in the public adjusting industry. Why wouldn’t public adjusters trying to better themselves join?

It is almost crazy not to be part of a group you can learn from and better yourself at the highest level. Yet, many do not. You can be a member of more than one public adjuster group.