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Founded in Arizona with offices in California, Colorado and Texas.  

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Our public adjusters have extensive claims management and public adjusting experience and we use this to assure that you obtain the maximum benefits allowable under your insurance policy.

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Skipton Claims Management is a family owned company.
Proud member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA).

Our offices are located in Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas.


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Licensed in over 37 states in the United States.  Our staff and offices are here to help you.

Homeowners and business property owners rely on Skipton Associates because of our presitgous and recognizable certifications and designations in the insurance industry. We work directly for residential and commercial property owners and not for insurance companies. Our commitment is to you.

Scottsdale, AZ

Our Scottsdale office

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“It was late on a Friday afternoon when I discovered water leaking out from under my kitchen cabinets. I immediately contacted a plumber who was unable to find the leak. He called a dry out company who advised that they need to pull the cabinets and granite counters out of my house. At this point I realized that I was over my head and was concerned with what was going to happen next. My neighbor suggested that I call Skipton Claims Management to assist in the claim process. I called their after hours phone number and immediately received a call back from an experienced adjuster. He guided me through the entire process that evening and came out to my house the next day.

Even after two supposed experts could not find the source of the damage, Skipton did. It was a relief to have someone to lean on when decisions needed to be made. Skipton presented all of the options and helped me determine the best path for me. I would highly recommend Skipton should you experience any kind of insurance claim. Thanking Skipton & Associates and their adjuster is not enough for being there for me, and for the money they saved me. I would highly recommend them. ”

Patti B.


Types of Insurance Claims

Contact - Fire


We help with all types of fire damage claims. Our Teams of certified restoration experts will assure your property is smell free..



Wind damage can sometimes be hard to prove. We have the expertise and technology to help prove your claim to the insurance company.

Commercial claims

Commercial Loss

Our team of licensed public adjusters will assist you in complying with the all terms contained in your insurance policy. Including commercial business event losses.


Our team of licensed public adjusters will assist you in complying with the all terms contained in your insurance policy. Including, assisting you in documenting the stolen items and will research the current replacement costs. 



Storm damages can result from a number of different causes, some that are covered and some that may not be. Our experts can trace and separate the damages caused by wind driven rains from those caused by surface waters (flood).



You typically can’t see a hail damaged roof from the ground and most property owners never get on their roof. We can help.