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The Claims Game

The Tricks and Deceptive Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Underpay or Deny Your Claim.

When someone suffers a serious loss at their home or business, one of the first things they often think is this. “At least I have insurance.”

But the claims process is deviously designed to pay only pennies on the dollar for losses. Furthermore, if you take an insurance company to court, you’ll find that the legal system is stacked against you.

David Skipton brings his many years of claims adjusting experience to help you avoid the pitfalls in the claims process. Learn how to: recognize the tricks insurance companies play to cheat you out of money; take steps to improve your chances of enjoying a favorable outcome on a claim; and receive fair compensation in the event of an insurance payout.

It doesn’t matter if you own a business or a home—if you have an active claim or not—it’s important to demystify the claims process. It begins by learning how to protect your best interests and learning how to play The Claims Game.

If you’ve suffered an insured loss to your business or home, you need to read this book!

“My career as a public adjuster started with a personal experience on a multi- million dollar commercial claim that changed my life, as will the journey upon which you are about to embark. Whether your claim is large or small, the good news is that as an informed consumer of the insurance product you’ve purchased, the knowledge gained through this book will give you a great advantage in obtaining the fair settlement that you are owed. The bad news is that the adjuster assigned by the insurance company, handles claims like yours every day, and, while a personal experience for you, it is just everyday business for the adjuster and insurance company.

This book is full of actual examples encountered by Dave Skipton in the preparation of claims for their clients. I know they are true, accurate, and very common, as I have worked as a public adjuster for 30 years, and like Dave Skipton, I’ve experienced all these examples.

This year, I was selected by my peers as president of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). Dave Skipton is one of my most trusted colleagues. He has written a hard hitting expose’ and excellent resource to help consumers understand their options after a loss and guide them in making good choices as they pursue the fair claim settlement that they paid their hard earned premiums for.”

R. Scott deLuise, CPPA, SPPA, CCIM

  • The Claim Game by Public Adjuster David Skipton

“Having read Mr. Skipton’s book, “ e Claims Game,” I can recommend it to everyone who has a dispute with their insurer over damage to their home or business. Mr. Skipton provides insight into what causes some of the problems that occur and valuable advice on how to handle those problems when they do occur.”

Review Provided by Former State Supreme Court Justice (Name withheld by request)