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We can help on both personal property and structural claims. Below is a notice from the California DOI edited for SEO purposes. Let us know what your carrier is doing. If you need help with your insurance claim, call us today!

STATE OF CALIFORNIA                                                                                        Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner



TO: All Property/Casualty Insurance Companies and Other Interested Parties SUBJECT: Personal Property Coverage for Wildfire Claims

DATE:     December 21, 2017

In an effort to assist survivors of the California wildfire claims. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is calling on all property insurance companies to follow the lead of other insurers. Of which, are providing up to 100% of Contents (Personal Property) coverage limits without requiring the insured to undertake the onerous task of completing a detailed inventory.

The Insurance Commissioner recognizes and appreciates that many property insurers have already agreed to the Voluntary Expedited Claims Handling Procedures. These included an initial advance payment for personal property of at least 25% of policy limits. This applies when there is a total loss of the primary residence in a wildfire disaster as well as reduced itemization of contents.

However, due to the large scale of these wildfire claims, many insureds are overwhelmed with the tasks of dealing with housing, family and construction issues and other major adverse changes in their daily lives. These fires, taken together, are the largest and most destructive fires in California history. The fires have destroyed whole neighborhoods and devastated communities. DOI has received numerous complaints from insureds about the monumental task of attempting to identify every item of personal property. For which, they may have amassed over years or decades in order to collect replacement cost.

DOI is aware that some insurers are going above and beyond the Voluntary Expedited Claims Handling Procedures and have made significant efforts to accommodate their insureds by offering 75%, 80% or in some cases 100% of Contents limits without an inventory. Some have even offered the ability to recover additional benefits if the insured subsequently completes a full inventory.

Insurance Commissioner Jones applauds these insurance companies for putting their customers first and requests that all other insurers follow suit by providing a similar accommodation. The Commissioner requests that insurers advise the Department by January 8, 2018 as to whether or not they will comply with this request.”

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For self help on your California wildfire claims. Try the California Department of Insurance.

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