As many of you are aware, Arizona experienced their worst hail storm in the State’s history on October 5, 2010. Nearly, a year after the storm, we were still getting calls from roofing contractors that could not get their clients paid fairly. This is a short story on how we were able to increase this contractors project by more than 10X.

  • We debunked the repair methodology of the carrier and their experts.
    • We pointed out that the experts brought in to evaluate the reparability of the roof system didn’t have the qualifications to make the recommended repairs.
    • We showed that their recommendations were averse to the standards set by the material authority and local building codes.
  • We brought in the right experts.
    • We had a qualified expert prepare a proper repair protocol for each type of the different roofing systems.
    • We wrote a comprehensive report identifying the damages and repairs on each and every roof and exterior system.
    • We brought in the manufactures representative to support our repair methodology and stamp that they would only warranty the roofs repaired in the manner prescribed.
  • We pointed out and recovered additional damages not originally estimated by either the contractor nor the insurance carrier.

We spent more than 400 hours building up the claim file to get this contractor and their customer paid properly. Most of our times was devoted to showing that the Insurer’s position would not result in a proper repair and it did not fulfill the Insurer’s promise of coverage under the policy. It is important to know the experts the carrier is using and vet their credibility. Once the Insurance company sets a repair method and a claim reserve it is very hard to move them. Clearly, it pays to use SKIPTON claims management’s public adjusting service.

Skipton and Associates, Inc.